BASKETBALL VENUE 


Home Seating: 100

Visitor Seating: 60

Home Team: 15

Visitor Team: 15

The Concord School District has adopted the following procedures to ensure the safety of all in attendance at sporting events inside the Concord Gymnasium. The District will adhere to all Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, and Arkansas Athletics Association guidelines and regulations. 

Ticket Sales

  1. Each Concord athlete (basketball, cheerleading) will receive two tickets per night except seniors. They will receive four tickets. Each ticket will grant entry for one person into the gym regardless of age. 

  2. Visitors will be assigned 60 tickets for each game. It is the responsibility and at the discretion of the visiting team to determine how those tickets are dispersed. 

  3. Ticket price per entry for 2020-2021 is $4.00 for each ticket. AAA passes will be honored if accompanied by a voucher.   


  1. Every other row will be used for fan seating. 

  2. Family groups may sit together. 

  3. Six feet social distancing must be maintained between groups. 

  4. Everyone inside the facility is required to wear a mask at all times, except players who are actively participating. 


  1. Athletes not actively participating will be housed in an alternate location. 

  2. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, athletes may enter the gym to go to the dressing room and remain there until the start of the next game.

  3. Once an athlete’s game concludes, the athlete will need to leave the gym if they do not have a voucher. They may leave with a parent or guardian or go to the alternate location if they are riding the bus back to the visiting school. 

Concession Stand

  1. The concession stand will be single line only this year. 

  2. There will be no self-serve items.

  3. All concession stand workers will wear gloves and masks.


  1. There will be one entrance and one exit this year. Fans will enter through the  home side door and exit through the visitor side door.

  2. Once you leave, you may not re-enter the gym without a ticket voucher. 


All senior high games will be livestreamed by Lake Area Sports. Details will be coming next week.