Press Release
Angela Reeves
Tuesday, December 04, 2018

For Immediate Release

November 29, 2018

Contact: Dr. Kieth Williams

Dr. Ken James

McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C.




Concord, Arkansas − The consultants of McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C, have completed Phases I & II of the superintendent search process. These phases included work with the school board and with the community to identify criteria for a new superintendent in the Concord School District. The top criteria, as determined by the Board, are:

The Concord Board of Education is seeking a new Superintendent:

1. Who is a proven leader with passion that has strong communication skills, is transparent, and is a collaborative decision maker.

2. Who is open minded, flexible, a motivational leader, and is supportive of staff in their respective roles.

3. Who is a person of integrity, strong morals, and has a reputation of honesty, fairness, and is respectful.

4. Who understands Arkansas school finance, budgeting, and values the importance of being consistent in application of Board policy.

5. Who is a visionary leader and understands the importance student focus and balance on the curricular and extra-curricular programs.

The superintendent’s position is being advertised on the websites of Arkansas School Boards Association, Arkansas Association of Education Administrators, the McPherson & Jacobson website, and professional associations throughout the United States.

On December 17, Dr. Kieth Williams and Dr. Ken James will meet with the Board of Education to review the stakeholder input summary, begin writing interview questions, and discuss the logistics of the interview process.

The deadline for submitting application materials is December 18, 2018. After that date, the consultants will begin reviewing the completed files and evaluating the candidates against the established criteria. The consultants will be conducting extensive background checks on the candidates.

On January 14, 2019, the consultants will meet with the Board of Education to review candidates and assist the Board as it selects final candidates to be interviewed.

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